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Shipping Costs International can be changed please look at
CountryInsured Shipping Costs
Egypt32,98 EUR
Albania32,98 EUR
Algeria32,98 EUR
Andorra17,98 EUR
Argentina32,98 EUR
Armenia32,98 EUR
Azerbaijan32,98 EUR
Australia32,98 EUR
Azores17,98 EUR
Bahrain32,98 EUR
Belarus (Byelorussia, Belorussia)32,98 EUR
Belgium17,98 EUR
Bosnia and Herzegovina 32,98 EUR
Brazil32,98 EUR
Bulgaria32,98 EUR
China32,98 EUR
Denmark17,98 EUR
Estonia17,98 EUR
Faroe Islands (DK)17,98 EUR
Finland17,98 EUR
France17,98 EUR
Gibraltar32,98 EUR
Georgia32,98 EUR
Greece17,98 EUR
Great Britain, England, United Kingdom (UK)  17,98 EUR
Greenland17,98 EUR
Guernsey17,98 EUR
Herzegovina32,98 EUR
Italy17,98 EUR
Iraq32,98 EUR
Iran32,98 EUR
Ireland17,98 EUR
Israel32,98 EUR
Iceland32,98 EUR
Japan32,98 EUR
Yemen32,98 EUR
Jersey17,98 EUR
Jordan32,98 EUR
Yusgoslavia32,98 EUR
Canada32,98 EUR
the Canary Islands32,98 EUR
Kazakhstan32,98 EUR
Qatar32,98 EUR
Corsica17,98 EUR
Kosovo32,98 EUR
Croatia32,98 EUR
Kuwait32,98 EUR
Latvia17,98 EUR
Lebanon32,98 EUR
Liechtenstein17,98 EUR
Lithuania17,98 EUR
Libya32,98 EUR
Luxemburg, Luxembourg17,98 EUR
Madeira17,98 EUR
Malta32,98 EUR
Marocco32,98 EUR
Macedonia32,98 EUR
Moldova32,98 EUR
Monaco17,98 EUR
Montenegro32,98 EUR
New Zealand, Aotearoa, Enzed32,98 EUR
Holland, Netherlands 17,98 EUR
Norway32,98 EUR
Oman32,98 EUR
Austria17,98 EUR
Poland17,98 EUR
Portugal17,98 EUR
Rumania, Romania32,98 EUR
Russia32,98 EUR
San Marino17,98 EUR
Saudi-Arabia32,98 EUR
Sweden17,98 EUR
Switzerland17,98 EUR
Serbia32,98 EUR
Slovakia17,98 EUR
Slovenia17,98 EUR
Spain (incl. Balearic Islands)17,98 EUR
St. Pierre and Miquelon32,98 EUR
Korea32,98 EUR
Syria32,98 EUR
Turkey32,98 EUR
Taiwan32,98 EUR
Thailand32,98 EUR
Czech Republic17,98 EUR
Tunisia32,98 EUR
Ukraine32,98 EUR
Hungary17,98 EUR
USA, U.S., United States of America32,98 EUR
Vatican17,98 EUR
United Arab Emirates32,98 EUR
Cyprus32,98 EUR
The shipping costs are insured and with Tracking number.
For further countries please ask the shipping costs or Mail to



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