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how to change, install or remove Becker Audio 10 CD CC from Mercedes w203 BE6021 BE4410 ? PDF Print

get removal tools for your Mercedes Audio 10 CD 



Installation Pics and Instructions for Mercedes w203 Becker Audio 10 CD
Model No. BE6021 / BE4410



For the install you'll need a thin flat-blade screwdriver, a long T20 torx screwdriver, a pen light. You'll first need to undo the silver tabs on the bottom of the silver console trim. To do this, open up the ash tray cover about halfway and shine the pen light into the gap. You will see on the far left and right sides two silver clasps holding the trim in place. Take the thin screwdriver and pry these clasps down; they are hinged in the front so pry them from further back. (I don't have photos since the gap is too small)



Next is the removal of the air vents.


Take the thin screw driver and gently push the bottom plastic tabs on the left side of each vent to the right. While doing this, push the vent upward.




You should be able to now turn the vents up even further than normal, creating a gap below them as seen below.


Shine the pen light into this gap and you should see two torx screws on the far left of the left vent and the far right of the right vent. Be sure to close the white dials on each vent (turn all the way down) so you won't lose the screws. Once this is done, remove the screws using the torx screwdriver.




Now, you need to turn the vents down to create a gap on top. Gently push the top plastic tab to the right while pulling the vent down and you should create a gap as seen here.

Shine the light into this gap and you will see two "hooks" on each side of the vents... You will need to use the thin screwdriver to pull these down. They have teeth to hold them in place; pulling them down is a bit tricky so be sure not to damage the teeth.




Here is a shot of the aforementioned "hooks" once the unit is removed. Notice the teeth.



Once these hooks are pulled down enough, you can simultaneously pull out on the vent unit and pull it out of the console. Be sure not to damage the trim when doing so, but this may take a bit of force.

Here's what the back of the unit looks like.




Here's what the console looks like when the vents are removed.

Notice the metal parts attached near the screw holes to hold the console aluminum trim in place. Pull out on the trim and it should come right off since nothing is holding it in place (you already removed the screws on top and the metal clasps on the bottom)




Here's a shot of the aluminum trim being removed.

You may have to be careful in working the trim around the shifter. Mine took a little wrestling to remove properly while the car was in Park.




Here's the cables connected to the back of the climate control unit. You may remove these to make removing the trim easier, although I didn't.




Here's the cable connected to the emergency flasher button.




Console explosion!

Once the trim is removed, unscrew the two torx screws on each side of the radio and remove it by pulling straight out.




Once the radio is removed, unplug everything from it. These two plugs require some force and feel like they won't come off, but trust me they will. Just pull straight out.




Here's the other plugs minus the one that's obviously been removed. They are fairly easy to remove, just press the tab on the left side and pull out.




It's smooth sailing from here on out. Plug the cables into the exact same positions on the Audio 10 and slide the unit into place. The plastic tray below the radio just hangs onto the bottom -- it's pretty obvious how to connect it. Be sure to balance it while pushing the radio back into the hole.

Be sure EVERYTHING is plugged in, and you'll be set to test it out before putting everything back together.






Now, screw the radio back into place.






Now, do everything essentially in reverse. Put the console trim back in place and push the silver clasps on the bottom (in the gap on top of the ashtray) back into their positions in the trim. This may take some work; it's hard to see in there to line them up properly. They should just snap back into place.




Now slide the air vents back into position, making sure the metal rod slides through the hole in the red plastic piece in the middle (the air distribution rod). The plastic hooks with teeth on top should clip back into place. Just repeat the procedure to turn the vents up (creating a gap on the bottom) and screw in the two torx screws you removed. BE SURE THE VENTS ARE CLOSED SO YOU WON'T LOSE THE SCREWS!

After this is completed, turn you car on and test everything out.
Enjoy your Audio 10!




Copyright 2006 - 2009 Mercedes Audio 10 CD CC Radio Tuner from Alpine Becker
AL2910 AL2199 BE6021 BE4410 Cassette CD Player Changer
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