entering the CODE number Mercedes Audio Radio Player Tuner

Anti-theft system

Enter the CODE for Models witch shows "CODE" on the Display.
If the power supply to the radio has been interrupted, "CODE" will appear on the display when it is next switched on. The radio will only work after the five-digit code has been entered using right-hand control knob. The code number is shown on the Radio Code Card, supplied with the radio.

Switch on the radio. "CODE" will appear on the display. Using the right-hand control knob enter each number of the digital code and confirm this by pressing the kontrol knob. After entering the correct numerical code push the right control knob for about 3 seconds. The radio mode is starts.

If an incorrect numerical code has been entered and confirmed, "CODE" will reappear on the display. The correct code must be entered once again. If an incorrect code is entered three times, "WAIT" will appear on the display and the radio will be isolated for about 10 minutes.

Note: The isolation time will only elapse if the radio is swiched on.

If the Code is wrong, try this link: Get Mercedes Radio Code from Decode serviceThe Becker Radios does not have any Code to type it in, this Radios have got vehicle electronic security.